So what IS Tofu?

  What are some of the nutritional benefits of tofu?

  How long can I keep tofu refrigerated?

  Some of your recipes intentionally use frozen tofu. Why?

  How do we use tofu?

  But tofu does not look like paneer?

  Are the varieeties of tofu interchangable?

  How good is soy protein?

  Is soy protein an allergen? 

  What is trypsin inhibitor?

  So where do I find tofu?   

  Is soy protein better than animal protein?

  A few of your recipes call for other unusual ingredients. What are they and are they hard to find?

  Are there any side effects of consuming soy protein?

  There are no side effects of consuming soy protein. Soy is one of the oldest foods known to human kind, 
      and has been a staple of the Asian diet for centuries. Does cooking reduce soy protein digestibility?

  Are soybeans and soy products difficult to digest?

  Do soybeans cause digestive problems like stomach pain?

  What are isoflavones?

  Is there a recommended daily isoflavone intake?

  Does heating (cooking and processing) destroy soy isoflavones?

  Can you set curd with soymilk?

  What is the shelf life of soymilk and tofu?

   Do soy foods have any effect on thyroid function?

  Can women take soy foods while on hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

  What is the role of soy in kidney problem patients?

  Does eating soy foods cause infertility in men?

  How much soy food should one consume?

  Giving children soy can cause them to experience puberty and early periods. Is it true?

  What is glycemic index (GI) and what is soy GI?

  Can we give soymilk to infants below one year?

  Does soybeans have anti-nutrients which affect mineral absorption?

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